About Payasito Lucesita

The man behind the clown is Jesus Martinez originally from SLP, Mexico. Since childhood he learned the value of a child's joy. In November 1992 he dressed as a clown for the first time for his child's one year old birthday party. He also served in his local church for over seven years as a clown for Halloween.

In 2004 Estrellita and Baffy the Clowns discovered Lucesita and helped him to dress and wear makeup like the pros. Today he has over 11 years of experience as a professional clown, and is known almost everywhere in the metroplex area of Dallas/Fort Worth. In 2009-2011 he became the President of "Payasos Latinos de America" a nonprofit organization founded by a Hispanic woman from Monterrey, Mexico, Gema Anderson.

The Lucesita Show offers a truly memorable show for all your special events. Lucesita has participated in many community events such as: Children's Day, Children with Cancer, Defiles 5 de Mayo and many others. Lucesita does everything with love and dedication for children.

Call Jesus "Lucesita the Clown" today, and get to know him for yourself! Hire him once and you will want to hire him year after year!!!

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Payasita Jubilee

Payasito Lucesita